MIDI MIG 300/800 P

Suitable for all kinds of structural steel and stainless steel, aluminium, copper, magnesium, brass, titanium, nickel and their alloys, extremely sensitive alloys. Outstanding welding performance due to very low spatter, Controlled heat generation without overheating by pulse operation. Able to solve difficult welding tasks, even with positional welding applications, due to advanced software pre-programmed requirements.


  • MMC interface for data storage and transfer (cloning)
  • Suitable for manual and mechanized welding
  • Insensitive to normal supply voltage variations
  • MIG-brazing of galvanized sheets
  • Long duty cycle
  • 3 Phase power supply

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Benefits of the Midi Mig

  • Increased welding efficiency and production
  • Reduced energy consumption due to state-of-the-art inverter technology
  • Maximum reproducibility and setting accuracy
  • Maximum process safety due to the control system and its dynamic properties with virtual machines
  • Its ergonomic design allows maximum mobility
  • More room and increased mobility during the welding process due to the removable wire feed unit

Welding performance:

  • Setting range (infinitely variable) from
  • 10 A / 14.5 V
  • to 300 A / 29 V
  • 60 % 220 A / 25 V
  • 100% 170 A / 29 V
  • Open circuit voltage approx. 85 V
  • Maximum welding current 800 A