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Alu Slimliner A


Slim Trolley
3 Pulling Bars
Alu Pulling Elements Set
Glue Puller GP 2
Power Knob Full Set
3 Hammer

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Auminium is being used more and more in today’s car production. To repair aluminium is not very difficult, the biggest problem normally is the know how.

There are certain aspects to be considered in repairing aluminium:

wide range of different types of alloys

different repair methods (pre-push/PDR, glue system, stud welding (Alumet) – system

material behaves differently to sheet metal

constant pull

application of heat

Aluminium is normally more expensive than traditional parts and therefore also more economical to repair. The repair methods of the aluminium repair may vary depending on the type of damage but also the different alloys being used. Therefore it is important to integrate all methods in one system. The Alu Flatliner working station contains all the tools necessary for a professional aluminium repair. You will have a wide range of tools available, all put away neatly in the practical trolley.

– Alumet welder
– Practical blue trolley
– 2 bridges in various sizes, with exchangeable multifuntional components, easy to use
– 3 hammers in 2 different sizes with vertical and horizontal fins out of extra strong aluminum. This will help you form the metal perfectly and knock down high spots with ease.
– 6 pulling bars
– Alu Pulling Element Set
– Alu Pulling Element Round
– Glue Puller GP2
– Power Knob Full Set
– SPS BEA Full Set without case
– Small Starled
– Hot Air Gun



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