Flat clamp. Art. 145

Extra-flat clamp especially suited for boxed

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Extra-flat clamp especially suited for boxed – in positions, where the clutter of assembled parts does not allow access by normal-sized clamps (for example, inside the side frames).
The flat clamp is fitted with a number of important features:
The 90° transmission ring, removable, makes it possible to change the pulling direction without detaching the clamp from its original positions. The eyebolt acts as a chain shortener, making the flat clamp faster and easier to use.
The thickness of the eyebolt acts a wedge, creating a “self-locking” effect on the two front jaws while pulling.
The unique tightening device (square-head screw in a square hole) allows the lock nut to be tightened without using a monkey wrench on the head of the screw, making for timesavings and greater simplicity of use.


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