Plastic Repair Full Set

BETAG Innovation’s Plastic Repair Full Set is the ideal kit for carrying out professional repairs to vehicle bumpers and other components out of thermoplastics (PC – PA – PP – PE – ABS – XENOY). For welding applications, this kit comprises an innovative plastic cutter and a special welding tip besides the soldering iron and the staples. In case that a crack needs to be held in place prior to welding, it is quickly done by stapling the parts together before completing the repair with the iron for welding. Since it is important to use the right plastics and it is not always easy to find that, we developed a special knife with which we can cut out a piece from the bumper to use for repair. The V groove on the welding tip opens the crack and heats up the plastic for welding. At the same time the cut-out plastic piece, cleaned by scraping off any paint first, can be inserted into the hole of the tip to weld the plastic.


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The Plastic Repair Full Set is easy to use and will speed up the time to complete plastic repairs.

Plastic Repair Full Set (10020) Components

Plastic Tacker
Soldering Iron (10060)
Plastic Cutter Compl. (10070)
PT Welding Tip (10065)
Tacks Angle (10050)
Tacks Large S (10051)
Tacks Small S (10052)




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