Slimliner Version A


Slim Trolley
Sliding Hammer
3 Hammers
3 Pulling Bars
1 Bag of Bits
8 Meter Cable

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– Digispot welder for manual or automatic welding. The welding duration and intensity can be adjusted and memorized individually. You can use the copper tip or the carbon stick for shrinking

– Large sliding hammer

– Practical blue trolley with power strip and compressed air connector

– 3 bridges in various sizes, with exchangeable multifuntional components, easy to us

– Innopuller: practical tool that enables a controlled pulling of the sheet metal. The pulling height can be adjusted easily. The adjustable feet can also be turned in order to in order to obtain different shapes. Also included: a small sliding hammer for finishing work.

– 2 types of bits: straight ones that can be welded extremely close to each other in order to obtain maximum pulling force; Twisted bits for when less strength is needed. These bits are welded to the sheet metal approximately 1 cm apart.

– 5 hammers in 3 different sizes with vertical and horizontal fins out of extra strong aluminum. This will help you form the metal perfectly and knock down high spots with ease.

Pulling bars

Individual component




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