Car-O-Liner VAS 6755

The Car-O-Liner VAS 6755 is the first fully automatic inverter spot welder that has passed the extensive VAG approval process and has proven its ability to weld material combinations that will secure our customers’ investment, and our approval with VAG, also for materials used in future vehicle platforms.

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Product Benefits

  • Automatic recognition of total material thickness
    via Pulse-Sonar-System
  • Automatic recognition of material type via
    Virtual Generator
  • Automatically establishes required settings to ensure the proper weld nugget
  • Advanced quality control system that monitors and
    adjusts the welder to guarantee the total energy input
  • Extremely powerful with welding current up to
    12,000 Amps
  • Greater Power Efficiency via the 10 kHz
    Transformer C-Gun
  • Completely liquid-cooled welding, from the power
    module all the way to the caps, providing a greater
    Duty Cycle
  • Easily upgraded via convenient USB port
  • Reproducible welding quality
  • Welding data documentation with the use of
    WinSpot QS-Software
  • Brand



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