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The i4s Smart Spot Welder features all the things technicians love about the i4 and more. Built in training provides technicians immediate resources to get the job done faster than ever. With our Wifi connectivity, you will receive automatic updates from Pro Spot and weld log reporting via email.

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The i4s was designed to directly address the biggest challenges to welding modern high-strength steels. Because these
metals are rigid and sensitive to heat, it is important to deliver the right amount of power at the right time to avoid weak welds.
Too much heat applied too quickly results in a ring of brittle metal around the weld nugget, reducing the tear-out strength of
the joint.
In order to create the strongest weld possible, the i4s uses a unique system to regulate the true energy delivered to the weld,
ensuring smooth and consistent nugget growth. Using a combination of thickness and resistance measurements, the welder
calculates the total amount of heat energy needed to create a solid joint. The unit’s central processor then adjusts current
several thousand times per second to ensure that weld power remains stable even in the presence of adhesives, paint, or
contaminants on the metal.
This precise control is especially important at the start of the weld since UHSS metals often have very high electrical resistance between the weld surfaces. Trying to force even moderate currents through the metals at early on can lead to almost
instantaneous blowout. The i4s solves this issue by constantly monitoring thermal power even during preheat, reducing
current if the measured power rises above a limit that is safe for the metal. Once the weld joint is clean and good contact is
detected, current is allowed to rise and the weld continues until the energy target is reached. By accounting for all energy
added during all stages of the weld, the i4s can accurately gauge when the weld is complete and cut off current before overheating of the metal can occur.


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